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Welcome to the Official Website for 'The Young and the Restless' and 'Nikita' star, Lyndsy Fonseca.

You can catch up with Lyndsy's most recent TV performance on Marvel's Agent Carter as Angie Martinelli in Season 1. You can next find her in ScreenMediaFilms new mini series, Curvature.
We all know that Lyndsy's got a heart of gold and currently she's working alongside the Trusteeship Institute on Crowdrise to raise money for the Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust. The aim is to give them a hand up, not a hand out.

Any amount helps tremendously and if you would like to donate to Lyndsy's team you can head to her Team page HERE. For a limited time, Lyndsy is also offering to personally email each person who donates to the crowdrise, so donate today!

FONSECANET • The Official Lyndsy Fonseca Website!The Official Lyndsy Fonseca Website

How lucky are we?! Not only did we get to attend the Kick-Ass Women of the CW cocktail reception after the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, but we also got to spend some quality one-on-one time with Nikita cutie Lyndsy Fonseca. The former soap star partied it up with fellow CW colleagues, including her costar Maggie Q (whom we spoke to exclusively!), as well as Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries.

We know you’re all dying for more info on Alex’s new digs, so we asked Lynds to dish about her life outside Division’s walls. And boy, did she dish! Read on at your own risk for more behind-the-scenes spoilers straight from Miss Fonseca herself!

By any chance, is she [Melinda] your mother?

[DAMNIT. THIS WAS THE ONE THING I WANTED IT WOULD HAVE SCREWED WITH PEOPLE SO BAAAADLY. That was the one story I was hoping on, I wanted to bank on it you guys…]

Yeah so. Spoilers under the cut. Thad included!

Nikita is about to reunite you with Thad Luckinbill, your former Young and the Restless costar. How did that come about?
“Craig came up to me — I was on set one day — and I knew the Nathan character was coming up. And he said these are the final five names, do you know any of them? And I was like no, no, no, no… Thad! I said ‘You have to hire this guy!’ I told him how I grew up with him, that I’ve known him for over 10 years.”

What can you tell us about Nathan?
“He has nothing to do with Division. Alex gets promoted to agent, and moves into her own apartment, and has a real-life kind of world. He’s my neighbor, and he represents a very normal, stable, nice guy, with a good heart. Simple life, compared to Alex’s crazy world. And I think that’s what draws her to him, that kind of simplicity and his stability.”

Doesn’t that put him in danger?

Should we fear that for the rest of the season?
“Yes. Definitely.”

How many episodes is he around for?
“He’s coming next week for his third episode. Beyond that, I don’t know. He’s recurring, so whatever Craig writes.”

Were you able to give him a little advice about life after Genoa City? When you first take that first step off the soap, it can be daunting.
“Thad’s worked a lot outside [The Young and the Restless], even stuff that we don’t know about. He’s done a pilot a year. He’s always in something, and I never feel worried about him. He showed up on set, and it was like a day never went by. Back to old times! And it was nice for me, because I love my cast, but I only know them from recently. It was nice to have somebody who I grew up with, who knew me when I had braces on.”

How’s life in Canada, filming the series? Are you there all the time?
“We’re freezing our asses off. But other than that, I have absolutely no complains, except for the weather.”

Do you think Michael suspects you?
“Yes. I think it’s a gut instinct that he has, and I think that he’s been shoving it down. Granted, I don’t play Michael, so I can’t tell you what Shane [West] plays or thinks. But as far as from my point of view, it seems like — I know that he has a soft spot for me because I remind him of Nikita. That’s very obvious.”

Does he connect that consciously, or is that just a subconscious association?
“Stay tuned.”

Do you still have scenes with Melinda Clarke this season, even though you’re living outside now?
“Yes. I’m still at Division as an agent. I still go in. Melinda will be very, very good in upcoming episodes. You’ll get to see good stuff.”



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