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Welcome to the Official Website for 'The Young and the Restless' and 'Nikita' star, Lyndsy Fonseca.

You can catch up with Lyndsy's most recent TV performance on Marvel's Agent Carter as Angie Martinelli in Season 1. You can next find her in ScreenMediaFilms new mini series, Curvature.
We all know that Lyndsy's got a heart of gold and currently she's working alongside the Trusteeship Institute on Crowdrise to raise money for the Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust. The aim is to give them a hand up, not a hand out.

Any amount helps tremendously and if you would like to donate to Lyndsy's team you can head to her Team page HERE. For a limited time, Lyndsy is also offering to personally email each person who donates to the crowdrise, so donate today!

FONSECANET • The Official Lyndsy Fonseca Website!The Official Lyndsy Fonseca Website

Albert Kim has posted this great candid photo of the cast (minus Maggie) and friends watching the finale of Nikita all together. It’s a great photo so check it out.
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WoW! We are so lucky! I was speaking with Lyndsy earlier today and she kindly let us have a behind the scenes look of her upcoming film “The Ward.” Please remember the photos that are tagged as exclusive are from Lyndsys personal camera & are not to be used elsewhere. Check out the awesome shots below!
A huge thanks to Lyndsy allowing us to share these with you!


Mark your calendars we have release dates!
John Carpenter’s latest film, The Ward, is going to be made available on VOD June 8th 2011
and a theatrical debut is planned for July 8th 2011. Lyndsy stars as “Iris” in this thriller.


Nikita producer Craig Silverstein has dropped hints about a potential second season.

He told TV Line that future episodes will test Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West)’s repaired relationship.

“[Season two is] Michael and Nikita righting wrongs, as Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) heads from right towards wrong,” he explained. “[But] there are a lot of new paradigms in season two. I don’t think you can just have [Nikita and Michael] happy and in love, kicking ass together forever.”

Silverstein also confirmed that Amanda (Melinda Clarke) will seize control of Division, as implied in last night’s season finale.

“There was [originally] a scene [in the finale] that demonstrated that,” he revealed. “It was pitched early on, but the network thought that it was too much change. Though, I feel that we did it without having to show it, and the beginning of season two will show it.”

The showrunner, who previously revealed that he has planned out two further seasons, also insisted that he still feels “good” about the chances of a renewal.

“I won’t know it’s a sure thing until I know it’s a sure thing,” he laughed. “But I feel the same thing I felt a few months ago, which is that I’d be super-shocked if it didn’t happen.”

He continued: “We’ve been… meeting and talking about season two, and when we get the pickup… we’ll start back up in the writers’ room in a week or two.”



Wow. Still in shock over how great tonight’s episode was. There was so much put out on the table and if the CW doesn’t pick up the show I think I’ll die a little. I need to see the rest of these stories play out now, there is so much more added onto stories already in play and I love that. I knew some people weren’t as bad as everyone thought they were and I loved Alberta Watson guest starring tonight, and better yet it sounds like it could be a recurring thing. I need to see more of this series CW, please make the right choice! #RenewNikita

Here are the screencaptures from tonight’s season finale, Pandora.


Lyndsy tweeted about getting bloody on a new Tyler Shields photoshoot and it looks like some of the photos are now here! Tyler tweeted the photos out about an hour or so ago and I’m proud to show them off. I spend a lot of time admiring Tyler’s work and this is no different, they are amazing shots!

Tyler also posted an accompanying video!


TV Guide sat down with Lyndsy to discuss the finale

TV Guide This is described as an “explosive” finale. We’re guessing that things will actually blow up? Will you be running from explosions?

Fonseca: Yeah, you can expect explosions both literally and figuratively. Maggie and I are definitely in a bit of a shootout, and there’s some pretty intense fire stuff going on that was really fun to film. We were running up staircases with machine guns and like five machine-gun guys following us. They created this huge explosion in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. It was really cool. We basically blew up their staircase.

To read more of the interview Click Here

Don’t forget to tune into the finale tonight!