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Welcome to the Official Website for 'The Young and the Restless' and 'Nikita' star, Lyndsy Fonseca.

You can catch up with Lyndsy's most recent TV performance on Marvel's Agent Carter as Angie Martinelli in Season 1. You can next find her in ScreenMediaFilms new mini series, Curvature.
We all know that Lyndsy's got a heart of gold and currently she's working alongside the Trusteeship Institute on Crowdrise to raise money for the Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust. The aim is to give them a hand up, not a hand out.

Any amount helps tremendously and if you would like to donate to Lyndsy's team you can head to her Team page HERE. For a limited time, Lyndsy is also offering to personally email each person who donates to the crowdrise, so donate today!

FONSECANET • The Official Lyndsy Fonseca Website!The Official Lyndsy Fonseca Website

Last night Lyndsy attended the premiere of the new film “Goon” a comedy about a semi-pro hockey player. The premiere was held in Toronto, Ontario at the Scotiabank Theatre.

Lyndsy’s friend took to twitter after the premiere and posted this photo and caption.
“Me and @LyndsyMFonseca turned into goons after watching #GOON”


If you are looking for a new episode of Nikita this Friday, you will not find one. Nikita is taking another hiatus and will return Friday March 16th 2012 with episode 2.16 “Double Cross”

As for Season 3 there is still no word on a renewal, but don’t worry, the second we hear any news about it, we will be sure to inform you.
The cast and crew will continue to be busy bee’s working on completing Season 2 which will be filmed until mid April.

Be sure to keep checking back with us for all the latest on Lyndsy Fonseca.


Another amazing episode to add to Lyndsy’s belt, she was kickass as always on Friday’s episode and it was great to see bits of how Alex falls into Amanda and Ari’s plan. I’m really excited to see how it continues on.

In the meantime, I’ve added over 200 HD screencaptures to the gallery.


15 minutes before the East Coast airing of the new episode of Nikita, Lyndsy took to her twitter to answer questions from her fans! Hundreds of questions were sent and a few lucky fans had their questions answered.

Read Lyndsy’s twitter Q&A with her fans as she answers questions about working on Nikita, her favourite fragrance, and much more! Click Here


According to TV EDGE
The ratings for Nikita are falling this season, and is currently the lowest rated show on the C.W.

How is this possible?
The views that are counted in the weekly ratings are of only those who have a “Neilson Box” or “TiVo”
Unfortunatly if we do not have either of these features on our TV I am not sure our views are counted. Unfortunatly the rating system for calculated views is a really old and clearly inaccurate.
I thought up some ways that you can help the ratings, or at least send the message out that even if your view isn’t counted you are still watching.

How Can You Help?
1. Watch the show while it is airing on Friday nights
2. Sign up to GETGLUE
and “Check In” while watching the show.
3. Tweet about the show using the hashtag #Nikita
4. Email/Write to The CW tell them how much you love the show
5. If you miss an episode, make sure to BUY it on Itunes so that your view is counted.
6. Some fans have started up a “Twitition” to renew Nikita for season 3, so feel free to sign it HERE

Hopefully the ratings will increase Nikita fans can prove there are more people watching then what the ratings are saying! Let’s spread Nikita awareness folks!


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Ok ladies, after last nights episode I noticed all the tweets about Lyndsys perfect hair. Gorgeous right? I actually asked Lyndsy a few weeks ago about how she gets such perfect curls. Here is what Lyndsy had to say,

“I use a flat iron sometimes to curl the ends of my hair but I have really wavy hair so I usually diffuse it and then curl a few top pieces with a small curling iron”

There you have it ladies, theres no real secret, she’s just blessed with perfect hair.